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Narrow casting re-invented

There are many solutions for retail narrow casting purposes already but often they are clumsy and expensive. What if you could just use an Android TV or an Apple TV?

Mike van Drongelen - Oktober 31, 2019

Retailer TV

There are many solutions for retail narrow casting purposes already but often they are clumsy and expensive. What if you could just use an Android TV or an Apple TV? And what if you could engage your regular shop visitors and allow them to interact with it using their mobile devices? Yes, now we are talking!

Retailers are looking for a way to win the battle from online stores. Doing that does not have to be that hard. You just need to get the best of both worlds: a warm welcome experience from experts that know what they are talking about, situated in a brick-and-morter store, combined with the long tail strategy and the better pricing options that web stores can offer: The hybrid store.

Hybrid stores. The future of retail?

So what is a hybrid store and more importantly: What you can do to establish one? It can easily be created by introducing a smart way of narrow casting, one that allows two way communication with your customers in your store for example. Without being annoying there are multiple ways to digital engage your customers while they are in your physical store and the other way around.

Due to the fact alone that more and more web shops are coming up retailers are having a hard time. Yet we can not go without them. Making an online purchase is fast and almost everything is on stock, however you cannot see the goods for real and it can be very time consuming to get the information you need to make the right decision. Although you can trust on the many reviews a web store has there is no expert that you can really consult. Visiting a brick-and-morter store is a total different experience from visiting a web shop. Both come with their own benefits.

Get the best of both worlds

In a good physical store you find one or more experts who can help you to make the right decision. Moreover the products are available for you to view in reality, which is still a big advantage, despite new technologies being available, such as Augmented Reality. Of course, since it is a physical store they do not have everything in stock. The concept of the hybrid store then comes to the rescue: A great mixture of channels, allowing your customers to access your store both online and offline.

Now you can have an online presence having true experts that your customers can consult and at the same time you can have an offline presence as a physical store with the same experts and physical products but with a nice digital presentation of all the other items that you can deliver them as well. This allows you to benefit from a long tail strategy within the context of an offline store. Its a not a entirely new phenomenon but I personally believe it can be improved in many ways.

Narrow casting re-invented

We are working to find the answers, the solutions to the problem that retailers are facing today, by developing a retailer narrow casting solution that is convenient for both retailer and customer.

It is a solution that requires no more investment than an Android TV (or a tv OS set top box). And, well let's be honest... plus a monthly subscription fee probably, however we believe that is still a reasonable investment given the fact that the sales for both your online and offline presence can dramatically increase with this approach.

Co-creation: Let's work together!

We do heavily believe in co-creation. While we are experimenting with solutions like these we would like to invite you. As a retailer you can give us the feedback that we are looking for. In return you can use our solution for free. Pretty cool, is it not? Let's get in touch and let's work together!

Re-invent your store!

Do you want to work with us to further investigate this and make this magic happen? Contact us for more information today!

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