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App development

Do you want to develop an Android, iOS or tvOS app? From design and Minimum Viable Product to publication in the store. We are happy to tell you more about that.

App design

Creating a new app does not start with its implementation but with a good design. After all, you want a successful app, one app that is appreciated by many users. User experience (UX) and user-friendliness are then very important.

Smart interaction design and a well thought-out visual design ensure that your app optimally matches your target audience.

App development

We implement custom apps for Android and iOS. We can also do that for your organization, whether it is an app for entertainment purposes or more serious business applications.

With our agile approach, we ensure that the quality is and remains high. Moreover, projects are more manageable and more transparent with this approach. So you always will know what is going on and what will be delivered.


We build native Android apps using Android Studio and Kotlin. We also develop cross platform solutions (Android + iOS) using Flutter and Dart. We always use the most recent techniques, so that you have the guarantee that your application will remain easy to maintain, now and in the future.

Your app always scales automatically for display on all devices: Mobile phones, tablets, Android TV or Android wearable devices.

Android app development


The iPhone apps that we develop for you are always optimized for use with the most recent version of iOS, iPad OS or tvOS.

We build future-proof apps with Xcode, Swift and various other smart solutions. We also develop cross platform solutions (Android + iOS) using Flutter and Dart.

We can make your app suitable for use on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

iOS app development

Serious apps and less serious apps: Games, audio visual tours, intranet apps, dating apps, e-learning and apps for freelancers. It is just a small selection of the Android & iOS apps, which we have created over the years for various customers.
We have built apps for: ANWB, AVG, Beemway (The Voice), DEARHealth, Enai, Erasmus University, Fansz, Hot Item, Ilumy (Brandweer Amsterdam Amstelland), Map trace, Masterminds LLC, N200, Nuon, Rotterdam School of Management, Staffyou, Triple-9, Toogether, UL Transaction Security, Vitens & Ximedes


There are many apps that require a back end. Consider, for example, users who can register, log in and post messages. With a web based content management system (CMS) you can also easily maintain, moderate or update content for the app.

We can use our own CMS for your app, create a connection with your existing system or realize a completely customized solution for you.

Backend development


We can also use our expertise in the field of app and website development within your own organization. We have extensive experience in the field of native Android and iOS app development.

We are happy to help you if you need assistance with the development of .NET projects, cloud implementations (Azure) or if you more information about Scrum related issues.

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