Miker Works

We create apps voor Android, iOS and web

We build applications that matter. With the feedback from end users and other stakeholders, we build what is needed and desired.

App development

We design and develop custom apps for: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), macOS and Android. We realize B2B, B2C and B2E apps. We do this for startups and established companies.

We create smart solutions for every industry. For example: automotive, fin-tech, logistics, marketing, education, advertising agencies, real estate and telecom organizations.

Android &iOS apps

Web development

We realize web-based B2B, B2C and B2E solutions, suitable for viewing on screens of any size.

We build scalable solutions for every branch, for example: e-commerce, fin-tech, marketing or education, whether it is backend solutions for an app, smart contracts (Ethereum), a proof of concept, a website or a complete decorated SaaS.

Web development

Solutions that matter

You can, of course, guess that your app or website will work out well. However, the benefits of an agile approach, such as Scrum and the Lean startup method, soon become clear.

We consult with end users and other stakeholders from an early stage. Partly based on their feedback, we build what is needed and desired.

More about Lean start-up

We work for:

ANAC, ANWB, AVG, Beemway, Belgacom, Bluepond, Dockwise, EON, Enai, Erasmus University, Fansz, Funda, Hot Item, Ilumy, KPN, Map trace, Masterminds LLC, Motricity, Multi-M/IT, N200, Nationale Nederlanden, Nuon, Point logic, Rijkswaterstaat, Rotterdam School of Management, Sony, Toogether, UL Transaction Security, University of Amsterdam, Vitens, Ximedes, Ziggo