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You can reach your customers through any channel and at any time.

Miker Works focuses on consultancy for the realization of mobile, web and TV applications. Do you need help in determining your mobile or SaaS strategy? We are happy to help you.

Relevant apps

We like to build apps that matter, whether it's a business app or an app for consumers. Each target group requires its own approach, but the common thread is always to see how we can realize the highest value for the end users of your app.

The story behind the app

That is why we are not only interested in the technical realization of the app but also in the story behind the app. Important questions are: Who is the target group and what do they find particularly important when it comes to the functionality of an app. That is what we’ll find out together through an agile and particularly smart approach.

Android & Android TV Apps

For Consumers and Companies

Phone, tablet & TV Apps

We advise on Android app development and realize Android apps for mobile phones, tablets & smart Android TVs. The same app can be used for all these devices, of course always with a control and presentation that fits the device.

We use the Android Studio IDE and the development language Kotlin or Java for the development of Android apps. In this environment we also take care of unit testing and UI testing (Espresso) of the app.

We have developed Android apps for various organizations and for various purposes. For example, logistic and intranet apps, but also Fin Tech apps and second screen applications.

iOS & tvOS Apps

For Consumers and Companies

iPhone, iPad & Apple TV Apps

We develop and advise on iPhone, iPad & tvOS applications. An app can be developed universally to be used for different types of devices, with the app always being tuned to the nature of the channel.

We can also realize apps for iOS from native apps that are developed parallel in Android (and vice versa). We build these apps with Xcode and the development language Swift. We also carry out the unit and UI tests using the Xcode IDE.

Previously we have realized iOS apps for customers with the following as main application areas: Entertainment, Fin Tech, Product information and Logistics.

Web Applications

For companies

C#, .ASP.NET, Azure, Web & Cloud Applications

We build web and backend solutions based on .NET and Azure cloud technology. With this we can realize scalable business solutions. Think of administrative systems, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications or a back-end, optimized for mobile apps

You may already use a CMS, your own (not yet optimized for mobiles) API solution or data from multiple sources. We also offer a suitable and scalable solution for those challenges.

Among others, we use Firebase, Parse Server and Azure APIs for retrieving and sending data. It is also possible to send push notifications, texts or e-mail messages to keep your users involved.

Cross Platform Apps

For companies

Xamarin, C# & .NET Apps

Xamarin can specifically be interesting for less complex business apps. It is possible to develop one app for both platforms using C# and .NET. And, of course, that means saving costs.

With Xamarin Forms you can simultaneously realize both Android and iOS apps. The same code can also be used for .NET desktop applications or the code of existing legacy applications can be reused. However, there are a number of limitations in comparison with native development which one should keep in mind.

We have successfully used Xamarin for a number of business-related tablet applications (Android & iOS), for example, in the field of supporting logistical information provision & processes.

Faster feedback

For the development, automated testing and delivery of mobile applications, we apply a smart continuous delivery (integration and deployment) strategy. For this purpose we use solutions such as Teamcity, Jenkins & Fabric.

This strategy contributes to increasing the quality of the application and helps to reduce the time that is required to collect feedback on an early and regular basis.

Get started

Miker Works can ensure that your app is realized in a technically sound manner that enables you to quickly realize a relevant solution. Do you want to realize Android, iOS or .NET web applications in a smart way or do you have specific Scrum and Lean Start-up related issues? Please contact us for more information.

With over twenty years of experience in the field of software development, we are your reliable and expert partner. We mainly develop software at our office in Rotterdam, but for consultancy and consultation we can also visit your office if you wish.

We are certified in the field of Scrum (Scrum master & Product Owner certification), Microsoft technology (MCAD & MCSD) & Ethereum block chain technology (Solidity & smart contracts).