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Products & participations e-Commerce & SaaS solutions

Miker Solutions develops e-Commerce and other online products, including niche specific SaaS applications.

We build smart, future-proof products using cloud & blockchain technology, such as smart contracts.

Miker Solutions also participates in Teamspot, an e-learning and CRM internship solution in one. Miker Solutions also participates in Izzio and a number of other projects.


For schools and companies

Web CRM and online internship facilities

In the participation with Elo Connect, Miker Solutions has contributed to the development of Teamspot, a web-based CRM application for schools and companies. Within the context of internships, the application brings together schools and businesses. Among other features, it is possible to involve both students/pupils and internship supervisors actively and online in the internship.

The Teamspot solution is used by various schools and provides all facilities for the administration of pupils, teachers, companies and internships. The internship modules (internship booklets) are also an important part of Teamspot.

For more information, visit the Teamspot website.


For occupational therapists and their patients

iPhone Day List app

In the participation with Izzio, Miker Solutions contributed in a technical sense to the day activity list app, developed by Izzio.

This day activity list app is easier for clients and readable and more complete for the practitioner. The iPhone app replaces the paper or digital time sheets. See what activities the client does in a day and how much pain and/or fatigue is experienced. This data is easy to upload in the digital patient record.

For clients, activities are easy to register wherever you are. The reminder function helps to regularly add new items the list.

For more information, visit the Izzio website.


For small to medium sized companies

Web CMS with document registration options

Relefant is a product of Miker Solutions. It is a Content Management System (CMS), intended for managing documents that focus primarily on concepts or ideas and where there is a need to prove at some point that an idea or concept has been established at a certain moment, without to disclose information in advance and to proceed without complicated administrative processes.

By means of blockchain technology, the existence of a document is recorded without the intervention of other parties, by means of a so-called day stamp. This records the date and owner of a particular document. Because data can be added to a blockchain that can not be changed later, the existence of a certain document or file can be demonstrated at a certain point in a relatively inexpensive way by means of a digital fingerprint.

For more information, visit the Relefant website.

Onni HQ

For consumers (US & Indian market)

iPhone Onni app; A.I. based personal compatibility

In the participation with Onni, Miker Solutions contributes mainly in technical and UX sense to an app that focuses mainly on the American and Indian markets.

The Onni app is an app, primarily for consumers, in which the concepts of astrological information and that of a social network are combined in a unique way. Through smart A.I. techniques personal compatibility insights are revealed, which results in a better matching of people in all kinds of areas, including private relations, family ties, but eventually also business applications, for example for HR specific issues.

Recently the Onni app has received its first funding from Innovation Stage.

For more information, visit the Onni app website.


Android & iPhone apps

Play store & App store

Finiware has existed for a long time as a brand and trade name. Under this trade name, apps are developed for both Android and iOS, which are available via the Play Store and the App Store respectively.

Miker Labs

Other explorations

Web, blockchain, TV & mobile applications

Under the denominator Miker Labs we explore various other possibilities in the field of software development. The relevance of these applications has yet to be proven, partly through validation. View the blog page for the latest news regarding this and other developments.

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Some of our previous participations are: BBEMC (UAE), Masterminds LLC (US) & Amazing apps (NL).

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